Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Is It...Last Day To Vote!

Here we go. It's the last day to vote for me and my crazy blog in the Country Living's 1st Annual Blue Ribbon Blogger Contest. I wasn't notified by September 7, so I can safely assume I wasn't the winner in the Main Contest (not going to New York for a fabulous luncheon) , but I still have a shot in the Reader's Choice portion of the contest. I'm the little blog that could and you never know, but I have to to say the other two blogs in my category, Tilly's Nest and Hen Blog are fabulous! It's hard to compete with chickens and hens and the chronicling of life in the country, as it is a Country Living contest, after all! But, no matter the outcome, I've had fun dreaming and it really has been off the wall exciting to just be nominated and Country Living will always be one of my favorite magazines ever!

Good Luck To Me! 
Good Luck to all of the nominees!
There's still time, so click badge above to vote for Blog Full of Dogs!

I'm so thankful for an amazingly fun two years of blogging about dogs. Wouldn't trade if for anything in the world.


Tilly's Nest said...

You have a beautiful blog! I am so glad to have connected to it from the contest! Thank you for making such a difference for so many beautiful dogs. Best wishes for continued blogging successes!~Melissa

Kimberly Sorich said...

Oh, my. I'm so excited and surprised by your comment. Thank you so much. I, too, am excited to meet your blog from this contest, as I visit your blog daily now. Love it. Love your "girls". Good luck with it all and have a wonderful trip. What a nice husband!

Terry Golson said...

I'm glad to be in your company, too! I wish we could all meet in NYC! BTW, no one has yet been notified about the judge's award, so who knows?

Kimberly Sorich said...

Well, once again...oh, my. I'm just as excited by your comment, Terry and that you visited my little blog! Congratulations on winning Reader's Choice! Good Luck to us all and to all the wonderful bloggers in this very fun contest!

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