Friday, September 2, 2011

The Thorn In My Side

This is my Buddy Baby. But, right now, he's also known as the thorn in my side. 

He's working hard at begging for my forgiveness. 

 I'm trying hard to resist, even while I try to keep from laughing. 

 He's doing everything he can because he knows Mama is mad.

What's the problem? Well, as I've mentioned before, my little man is scared to death of all noises, all changes of routine and especially being in the car. I have found that he will almost choke himself to death trying to get out of the car, so I went and bought him a harness. That way, even when he's restrained, he won't be pulling on his neck. Well a couple of days ago, I went to take him to for a walk in one of the many beautiful areas where I live. It took a little longer to get there because I had to go back to my house to get some bags for you know...clean up. So, he was stressed out about being in the car for a little longer than he would like. 

When I parked and opened the back of my car, he had somehow, in a way that only a stubborn terrier can do, gotten out of the harness and jumped out of the car and in to traffic! The harness was still completely together. He somehow, in his mind boggling desire to get out of the car, slipped completely out of the harness. 

Then, he was in such a panic that he wouldn't listen to me when I called him back to me. I thought, "ok, this is it. He's gonna run away and get hit by a car and this is how his story will end." I was scared to death. Of course, I still had Dingo in the car and he then jumped down, but was still attached to the car by his leash and it was just a barrel of good times, I'm telling you. 

Finally, I got down on my knees and called to Buddy and he then came back very slowly and very submissively and I got a leash around his neck. I was so upset that I didn't even want to take them for a walk after that. But, I did and it was ok, but I'm still mad at him. 

and... no! I'm not affected by this sweet face. I'm not. He's a bad dog. I don't care if he's cute. I don't care if he's sweet. I don't care that he's sorry. Hmph!

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