Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cure For What Ails Me

My friend, Jill, sent me this picture just now. It's of her two four-legged babies Toby and Calvin, both featured many times here on my blog. Her note said, "In case you are feeling crappy today, thought you might like to see this cute shot." Thanks, Jill. It was the cure for what ails today. 

What ails me, you ask? I'm in the middle of moving for the first time in 9 years and it's just so overwhelming. In fact, today, I actually took time out to take Dingo to the trail and dog park. It was for him and for me. Unfortunately, in this process of getting away from the stress of my house, I was witness to a car accident, where one of the parties was in such distress that I had to take over. She asked me to stay with her. I had to call 911 and wait with her and her toddler, while checking on the other driver (who was at fault) because his head was bleeding profusely, as he was walking around, in a daze, telling me he was fine. "'re not fine, sir.  Please sit down." If, for no other reason, than to stop spreading your blood all over the place. It was such a relief when police and fire arrived because I was no longer in charge. Why does it seem like it takes them so long to get there?

Since then, I've been home, sitting on my couch, thinking about the events of my day and my month, while looking at moving boxes and not filling even one of them. I just feel like watching a movie. :)

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