Friday, October 7, 2011

A First For Me

Today I was exploring Scotts Valley real estate with my good friend and real estate broker, Jeanette. We had an adventure! Leave it me to take this long time real estate professional and her white Mercedes sedan where she's never been before! One listing was way up a road called Lockhart Gulch and after about 5 minutes on this road, it became apparent that this house was just too much off the beaten path, even for a reclusive Scorpio like me. We hadn't reached the house when I told her to just turn around because it just wasn't worth the road that we had to travel to get there. My boys would veto it in about two seconds anyway.

When we stopped to turn the car around and head back to civilization, a dog that looks like the one in the picture above, was wandering around. My friend Jeanette knows me and she knew I just couldn't stand it if I didn't at least try to figure out if it was lost. It seemed to be following the car, so she stopped for me and we rolled our windows down and tried to talk to it. Remember, we were in a very remote area, with not much around. I didn't want to take a chance and just get out and try to pet the dog. It had a collar, but I couldn't see a tag. The dog kept looking around like it was trying to find someone. It wasn't super excited to see me. It didn't really respond to my voice, but it also didn't act aggressive. I finally got out of the car. It kept coming up to me and I didn't move. I was still. It smelled me and then left. It came back and did the same thing again. I was too cautious to reach out and try to pet it, but I kept talking to it and trying to figure out if it was a stray. Of course, I was standing in the door of the car just in case. Ultimately, we decided to just leave. It probably lives up there somewhere and was just out exploring. It did seem older and I was worried that someone drove all the way up there and then dumped the dog. People do that, you know. If they can't afford a vet bill or to help their sick dog, they drive somewhere remote and just leave it. Of course, I was worried about leaving it because I felt sorry for it. I have never, ever left a stray dog that I've come across. Of course, I don't know if this dog was a stray, but for the first time in my life, I just left it behind not knowing if it was going to be ok. 


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