Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bath Time!

 Monday was bath time for my boys! We love Pet Food Express! We now go to the Los Gatos store because it's closer to my house than the Campbell one, but that store is great too!
 Now, I must say that I don't understand why my dogs get so stinky. I mean, stinky! I wash them once a week and they still stink. I have a friend, Heather, who has two dogs and she NEVER bathes them and they smell fine. What the heck?

 Buddy has to be first. I have to get it over with because he almost has a nervous breakdown over it all. 

 Dingo waits, patiently. He watches for any other dogs in the store and he cries and cries and cries for each and every one. Either that or he's crying to them, saying "please, help me. Please get me out of here."

 My poor, pitiful little one. He's just so sad looking, isn't he?

 All done. It's his turn to wait. See that blur? It's his tail wagging with happiness that he's done and out of harm's way. 

 My big, handsome boy is next. He's a good boy for his bath. I think he secretly likes it because it's like getting a massage for 20 minutes. I do a good job of scrubbing his stinky butt. He HATES the dryer though. They both do. 

 This is the first time he has done this. It's like he's standing up saying...

"look how amazingly beautiful I am. Look at my awesomeness". 

Now, get me out of here!

Have to give this store a shout out. First of all, the staff is very nice and this visit, one of the employees came out in to the parking lot to give me a free token for another wash. They know I've been there while they have been having some nozzle issues (they replaced them all and the soap hasn't been working properly, so customers have been using free sample shampoos that the store provides). Super awesome. That saved me $$ and since I wash them once a week now, that's a good thing. Thanks Pet Food Express, Los Gatos!

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