Sunday, November 6, 2011

Buddy Baby Is Having a Hard Time

 This is my Buddy Baby and he's having a hard time. 

This is what he's been looking like lately. Sad...

 This gate has something to do with his sadness. We just moved to a new house and this gate is part of our new routine.  I got is so that I can corral the dogs at times that I need to, like when we are eating or at night when I don't want them roaming the house. This gate has touched something in my Buddy and has made him a complete nervous wreck. He is so petrified of this gate that I've started to just put it away. Even when it's put away, he just walks around the house, scared to death. He just wants to go outside all the time. Normally, he begs to be inside. I'm trying to be a strong leader of the pack and not coddle him too much, but I have to admit that his nervousness is making me nervous. 

I went out and bought him this new comfy bed. But, within minutes, Dingo took it over. Hmph!

So, I went and got a pillow and put a cover on it and made it like it's Buddy's new bed. Didn't make much difference, as he is still completely neurotic. Look at that face. That it is his new face of fear. Not sure what to do, at this point. I'm just letting him tell me what he wants and so far, I still don't understand what he's saying.

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