Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Cautionary Experience

See this beautiful dog? I parked next to him in a parking lot yesterday. I took this picture on my way in to the store. There was also a boxer inside the truck. Of course, I talked sweet talk to him as I went on my way. When I returned to my car, the truck with the dogs inside was still there. Then, this beautiful dog zoned in on me and not in a good way. He was staring me down and then he barked a really strong bark. He was warning me. I needed to put my groceries away in my car and I actually got nervous. I really think that the he could jump through that window if he wanted to and I tried not to look at him. Of course, I had to walk past the truck to put my cart away and he watched me the entire way. I just wanted to get in to the safety of my car. I started to get mad that the owners (a very nice looking older couple) left that window open in the back. Of course, I started talking to him when I parked and then I took a picture, so maybe it was my fault that he then turned not so nice. I guess I have to realize that although I love every dog I meet, they all won't necessarily love me back.

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