Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Country Girl's Country Road

 Does anyone know where this picture was taken? I came across it while looking for a new background for my computer and I haven't stopped looking at it. I want to live anywhere along this road. Look how much land each house has and it's painfully beautiful wherever it is. Can you just imagine how many dogs I would get to foster and adopt? Oooh. So exiting. The Kentucky girl in me longs for a house on this exact road. Of course, it's probably in Kentucky and that's why I'm drawn to it. Plus, I'm sure wherever it is, it's not close to California and it is probably in tornado alley and that's just a deal breaker. I grew up with tornadoes and I'll never go back!

Well, if nothing else, I'd like to visit this road. Yep, just the road. I'd drive along it for hours. If it's a short road, I'd just keep turning around and drive back and forth. Then, I'd stop and take a walk. If it's far away it means I wouldn't have my dogs. So, I'd stop by one of these houses and ask them if they have a dog.  If they did have a dog, I'd ask to take it for a walk. Yesiree, Bob. I'm just that person. "Hi. I love this road. I love your house. I love your country life. Can I take your dog for a walk with me?'

They would immediately agree because they would understand that a girl needs a dog on this country road. They would understand that this country girl needs a dog on this country road. They would just know that this country girl needs this country road. 

Country folk understand country folk. :)

"I want to do right, but not right now."
M. Lambert

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