Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mama's Busy Excitement Week!

 Poor forlorn Dingo. He's stuck on the rug in the family room, just like a step-dog. He better get used to it because today was the first day of Mama's Busy Excitement Week and that left no time for my baby.

Today was "moving the table, extending the table, ironing all the linens and getting out the china" day. It was also "getting out my wicker turkey" day. See her? She's on the table. She's my favorite garage sale find of all time. I will fill her with flowers so she can be oh so beautiful on THANKSGIVING DAY. Yes, this Thursday is my favorite day of the year! It's just about food an family (and football, of course!) and this year I get to be the Hostess with the Mostess. 

So, starting today, I turned in to busy, excited Mama and it's not going to be any different until I crash from exhaustion on Thursday night. I will be happily crazy with details so my poor babies will have to just make do without me for a few days. 
Tomorrow, it's shopping and baking. The house will start to smell sooooo good. Happy Girl, I am!

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