Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year-End Pictures

"Adopted him when he was 11. Here he is 5 years later, better than ever, celebrating Christmas."
As I always say, Please Consider Oldtimers. They still have a lot of love to give!
 "Best Friends Forever."

 "He fell asleep like this, so we put him to good use."

 "This is my dog George. We rescued him from a shelter at 6 months old, he's now 8 years and still a puppy."

"Since you guys like cute things, I figured I would show you how I get greeted everyday when I come home."

 "Poor thing hasn't left this chair in days. She insists on "guarding" the stockings every Christmas."

 "My husky feeling very proud of himself that he gets to ride up front."

 "First Christmas without my Luna... She would have been 10 this year."

 "The sign did not lie. The nicest dog I've ever met. Just let me pet his belly."

 "She's had a tough year: lost her best friend, moved houses after my parents divorced, and beat cancer. This 13 year old is still in the Christmas spirit though!"

The Best One is saved for last...
"Worst. Presents. Ever."

LOL! I love this last picture. I've been debating getting these for Buddy because he's having a hard time with the hard wood floors in our house. His reaction would probably be the same. 

Happy New Year. God Bless and all that jazz!

Pics via Reddit.

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