Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freeway, the Rescued Dog

VALLEJO, Calif. —
A mother and son from Pinole reunited with a young puppy Wednesday they rescued from possible death after it was dragged from the back of a speeding truck on Highway 780 days before. It was a joyful scene when Angela and River Porter came face-to-face with “Freeway” the three-legged dog Wednesday afternoon, which was in extreme contrast from the traumatic scene when the two first encountered the dog the previous week. “It's terrible, heartbreaking… to see a dog almost die,” said River Porter.

Last Thursday morning, the Porters were driving east from I-80 when they saw something flapping off the side of a fast-moving pickup truck. “And I got closer and noticed it was a dog. And so I just started laying on my horn, trying to catch up to him,” said Angela Porter. They tried desperately to get the black truck to stop and help the dog, who must have been terrified. “He was probably losing his breath and fighting for his dear life and banging on the side of the truck, not knowing what was going to happen next,” said Peter Wilson of the Humane Society of the North Bay. The truck exited I-780 at Glen Cove and that's where the dog's rope snapped. The dog broke free and he flipped, and smacked against the side of the freeway. The truck just kept going.

When asked to describe the look in the dog's face was when River and Angela came in contact with him, River said, “Scared; hopeless; thought he was probably going to die.” Animal control picked up the dog, later named Freeway, and took him to All Creatures Veterinary Hospital. The doctor found a bad break in his right hind leg which had to be amputated. But that's all. “No internal injuries. No rib fractures, nothing else going on with him,” said Dr. Robert Linville of the All Creatures Veterinary Hospital. “I think his age really helped him a lot.”

On Wednesday, the Humane Society of the North Bay dropped off donation cans at Benecia Middle School, where River Porter is a student and Angela Porter works. Both said Wednesday that they've since had nightmares about the incident. Officials with the humane society said they planned to put Freeway up for adoption. Animal services officials said that as of Wednesday, they had no leads on the driver.

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