Monday, May 14, 2012


 Meet Ginger. She is the newest member of my extended family, which is my best friend's household. She is a Whippet and my best friend, Rachel and her two sons drove all the way to San Diego to pick her up. She is 11 weeks old and, so far, has been as mellow and sweet as a puppy can be. 

Meet Riley. He's the one holding Ginger and his sidekick is his brother, Henry. Ginger has come to be a part of their family by Riley's total persistence and begging for two years! He's on par with me in terms of his love for dogs and to finally see his wish come true is so fun.

Congratulations Riley, Rachel, Henry, Erin and David! You have found a keeper in Ginger. 

More of Ginger to come, for sure!

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