Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lucy and Fox (Please Read)

 Fox is a 13-year-old, 70 pound Samoyed/Shepherd mix. 

Fox is a 13-year-old, 70 pound Samoyed/Shepherd mix.

"Until recently,  Fox and Lucy lived in a dark filthy shed. Although it was attached to a small fenced in area, it was a lonely and difficult place for them to live. They received very little attention or social interaction since their guardian passed away 6 years ago. The second guardian passed away a few months ago, and the person inheriting the property did not want them. We were contacted by the real estate agent selling the property and when our volunteers went to meet them, Lucy and Fox were so frightened, they could barely get near them. Their shed was filthy, smelly and not fully protected from the elements. Despite living in such harsh conditions, with a bit of love and attention these girls are learning to trust people again and we are delighted with their transformation! Now that they are out of the shed, their confidence is increasing each day. They were very calm, trusting, and tolerant when they spent a long day at the veterinary clinic and groomer getting makeovers and health checks.

Fox and Lucy are now in a foster home enjoying the simple pleasures in life: a walk, sniffing around the garden and lounging around in the sun. They are both very mellow, quiet dogs. They get along great with other dogs and cats, and are slowly learning that life can be good. We are looking for someone to adopt them them together. They are bonded littermates who have been together since birth"

All images and text are courtesy of Peace of Mind Rescue. PLEASE visit their site. They have so many dogs that have been left behind.

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