Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bubba's Collar

Just wanted to give a Shout-out to this earthy and humble collar, by Arcadian Craftsman.  It struck my eye because the first true love of my life was named Bubba. Actually, it was Buster Brown, but we called him Bubba or Bubbaman. This blog is dedicated to him. 

This custom stamped leather collar is timeless and hearty. It comes in different colors and sizes and, to me, it looks like it's made to last. Although, our dogs don't know about collars or the other weird things we do and buy to symbolize the fun they bring to our lives. We know and we enjoy products that make us feel good about our dogs and look how this one picture took me down memory lane and made me remember how much I loved my Bubba Man. If I had this collar for him then, I would still have it now. Maybe it would even still have his scent. Actually, now that I think about it, that might not be a good thing. He was a stinky dog and I mean that with the greatest of affection.

Visit the Etsy site. Tell them I sent you. Tell their "Bubba" I said Hi.


Tilly's Nest said...

Hi Kim, I wanted to invite you to our blog hop. I have been following your blog every since our nominations and really love what your website is all about. I would be thrilled for you to link-up your blog to our hop and share you with our readers.~Melissa

Chris Brumbalow said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about the "Bubba" collar. Im glad it helped to ignite a fond memory for you. For us Bubba is our rescued 7yr old Yellow Lab/ Beagle mix and the collar fits his personality perfectly!

Thank you,
Chris Brumbalow

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