Monday, October 8, 2012

Dressed Up & Ready To Be Blessed !

Be still my heart. Do you see this face as I see this face? 

My husband took this picture of this beautiful (yes, beautiful!) four-legged gem at my son's school during the Blessing of the Pets. I keep telling him it's one of the best pictures ever! 

In the chaos, he forgot to ask her name. I stare and stare at her picture just trying to figure out what her name is or, in fact, what her name should be.

So many names come to mind...Precious, Princess, Bianca, Tabitha, Bella...

I'm actually not sure if I want to find out her real name. What if it ruins my vision of this amazing girl? What do you think? What is this girl's name or what should be this girl's name?

Let me know!

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