Friday, November 16, 2012

He's Mesmerizing My Bread

 I get the greatest kick out of eating a piece of bread. Why? Well, my Dingo absolutely loves bread. In fact, we like to say that it makes him lose his mind. Actually, bagels, make him lose his mind. He has, on more than one occasion, snatched a bagel right from our hands because, well, he loses his mind. 

Look how cute he is in the picture above. If I have a piece of bread, he will sit, just like that for as long as I hold the bread. He is so focused on the bread that he could never now how much I'm just admiring how darn cute he is. I mean, he's a handsome boy, anyway, but when he's mesmerizing my piece of bread, he's just plain ole' cute.

No matter how hard of a week I've had, this simple few minutes with my dog and a piece of bread just make it better.

Welcome to my Friday night.

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