Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Would Your Dog Protect Your Home?

 Last year, our house got broken in to and the only room that wasn't touched was the one we left our dogs in. Normally, they would be loose in the house, but we left them in our son's room on their bed, with the door closed. We always wondered what would have happened if they were loose in the house. Would the burglars have moved on or come in anyway, letting my dogs outside, to who knows where. That, by the way, is my worst nightmare. We, also, wondered what our dogs would have done. I know they would have barked like crazy, but would they have been a threat? Could they have even been befriended by the strangers? We will never know. 

This feature story from an Atlanta tv station was very interesting to me because it tried to answer that question. Would your dog protect the home from an intruder? Um...the answers aren't what I would expect. 

Just wanted to share.

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