Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dingo's Decision

Dingo's trying to make a decision. 

We are having a pretty good storm, complete with crazy wind and rain. He keeps standing by the sliding glass door and scratching to go out. I know he needs to go do his "business", but every time, I open the door for him, he walks outside and then turns around and comes right back in. We've done that about 4 times since we got up this morning. I don't want to force him, because it's really crazy outside, but, at some point, he's gotta go. (Buddy, too.)

So, for the last hour, he has been resigned to just sit at the window and look out. Instead of scratching to go out, he's just sitting there, as if he's contemplating what to do. Who knows what he's really thinking, as I'm sure, as a dog, he has no idea what is going on outside.  It's the same yard, the same place as he goes everyday, but when he tries to go out, he gets smacked in the face with wind and rain.

Me? I'm in heaven. I turned the lights off and am just sitting on the couch, enjoying the storm. In fact, if the sun came out right now, I'd be sad. It's a snuggly, stormy Sunday morning and there's not much else I'd rather be doing right now. 

As for Dingo, time will tell if he finally decides that he just has to conjure up his inner junkyard dog to go outside and take care of things. Of course, there's always the chance that he could conjure up the puppy dog in him, instead, and give me a mess to clean up. 

I'm not taking my eyes off him!

Happy Snuggly Sunday.

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