Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beautiful Still Life

Image © Diane Bronstein. All rights reserved. 

I love this photograph, In the Dog House, by Diane Bronstein. It's a beautiful still life of a simple house, both big and small. The dog house matches the main house and is smothered by the most beautiful tree. You know some amazing person just build this sweet dog house themselves and painted it to match the big house. That's what makes me love this photo even more. The simplicity of the landscaping and the fact that her description of the photo says it was taken next to horse stables, makes me believe this house is in some sort of country or rural setting. I just have to buy the print, which I will do tonight! I'm going to find a nice matte and beautiful frame and find a wonderful place to hang it in my future abode.  Please visit her Etsy store and see some of her other wonderful Romantic Art.

Of course, my dogs wouldn't touch a dog house with a ten foot pole. There could be a hail storm, combined with a tornado and a hurricane and they still wouldn't go in it. 

Wishing everyone a beautifully still day. 

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