Friday, June 28, 2013

This (very sad) Picture Isn't Helping!

So, I'm in the middle of planning a mini vacation/get away and I'm so troubled with the guilt that I might not be able to take my dogs and then I run across this picture on Pinterest (my online version of heaven) and it isn't helping me with my guilt! How sad is that dog? I mean, just forget it. 

Going away is the one time when having dogs is very stressful, unless they are going, of course. Why aren't they going? It's complicated. I've tried to base my plans around them, but it's not easy and I'm just trying to get away from here for a little bit. Ok, Dingo and Buddy? Mama needs a vacation and if you can't go, I just can't deal with any sad faces! 

Of course, we all know that they have no idea what the heck I'm writing about and the sadness is all in my head, but I'm a Scorpio and living in my head is what I do best. :)

Speaking (or writing, I guess is more appropriate) of getting away, I recently had someone inquire about my favorite book. I really had to think about that because there are so many that it just depends.
But, in my top 3 is this book. It's titled, Cabinology, A Handbook to Your Private Hideaway. That's right. You can re-read the title again. It's so enthralling, you just have to. Cabinology, A Handbook to Your Private Hideaway.

When I got this book, I read it cover to cover in one sitting, as if it were a romance novel. Well, in all honesty, it is a romance novel to me. What's more romantic than a private cabin getaway? Nothing that I can think of right this minute.

Seriously, this book is full of all things Cabin. Real life cabin stories, drawings and design guidelines and it's just about the most divine non-fiction book ever, with loads of dreamy pictures. Of course, I've read it about 20 more times and when I was asked about my favorite book, I was reminded that this particular one is boxed up and in a POD somewhere, awaiting to be reunited with me sooner, rather than later. (I hope.)

"I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude." Henry David Thoreau

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