Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Designed With Dog In Mind

I live for my down time and almost every night, I take the iPad to bed with me. As I lie in bed, I scroll through the addicting ( I have to force myself to walk away.) world of visual imagery that is Pinterest or I scroll through the dreamy, fantasy world of Houzz

Houzz is stimulating, inspiring and depressing, all at once. That is especially true when, like me, you are house hunting. On one hand there is so much inspiration to be found on the site, but, on the other hand, most all of it is expansive and expensive. I don't require much, people: just a simple house with a simple yard. Non-negotiable amenities? Built-in dishwasher, wood burning fireplace (sorry. a house isn't a house without one.) and two toilets. (Hey, just keeping it real. I'm the lone female in a house of males.) Yeah, there are "wants", like central A/C, inside laundry, no traffic noise, crown molding, hardwood floors, no major remodeling projects (been there. done that.) and, of course, beautiful views. But I would give up all the must have and wants just to find a place where, after two years, I can, finally, hang my hat.

Here are 10 of this week's dog related design-finds from Houzz. 

Love my blog! Just sayin'.

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