Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Night Done Right

Got a pizza on the way home from work. Took the boys outside to eat it and the dogs couldn't believe their noses. They tried so hard to get close to that savory box. I finally had to discipline Dingo because he was getting too pushy. "Go to bed!" is a very common phrase in my household. 

Tonight is movie night and I went to the store and got all the fixin's. Popcorn, skittles, milk duds, sour patch kids (blech) and chocolate covered pretzels. I also got two movies and I think we have decided to watch the remake of Red Dawn. We all know it will be horrible, but that will make the experience all the more fun. 

Of course, I'm just excited to spend my Friday night at home surrounded by my boys. When I was in Campbell picking up the pizza, the energy and chaos of a Friday night, is just too much for me. People are fighting for parking, lining up for restaurants and giving their Friday night head start, by rushing to downtown Campbell to do whatever it is they do there. 

No thanks. Have fun. Good luck. Knock yourself out. I like my Friday night so much better. I'd much rather be home, hanging with my peeps, than be anywhere there's a crowd of people.

Wishing you all a snuggly Friday night, like mine. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and realize it's Saturday!

Then. Now. All of eternity.

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