Sunday, July 28, 2013

How Great Is This?

I absolutely love this "Dog Room". To use the space under the stairs in this way would be ideal. The fact that this area also has a window is jut down right genius. My Dingo would love this, especially if it's next to the front door. He could have a nice place to call his own, while being able to guard us from whatever infiltrates the front door and also being able to keep an eye on the yard through "his" window. 

In our house hunt, we've definitely seen places with stairs and I always think about ways to utilize that valuable space under the stairs, but have never, ever thought of this type of solution and now that I've seen it, I'm inspired! 

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. I'm off to look at more houses. Can you tell we have no soccer this weekend? Yep, I know it's rare, so that's why we are spending the whole weekend looking for houses. The clock is ticking and we have to use every second we can. We left our tiny apartment and are staying at my in-laws for the summer, while they are in Europe. We have to close on something before they come back in October. What happens if we don't? I have no idea, but I think that possibility ends with me selling all my possessions and moving to Hawaii for a year. 

Come to think of it, not finding a house doesn't seem so bad. :)

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