Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Soul-Mate's Couch Potato

This is my soul-mate and best friend Rachel. Our birthdays are only 3 days apart. Hers is on Halloween (the only reason I can even tolerate that day) and, yes, that makes us both Scorpios, the best-friend combination of a lifetime.

Since I was 16 years old (we started passing notes in History class), she has been the one true constant in my life. In all of those years, she's the only person who has never left my side, no matter what. She's my hero on every level. I'm in awe of her beauty, as a person, every single day. 

Besides being an amazing career business woman (Vice President of Corporate Sales for a multi-million dollar division of a wine distributor), she is also a wife, daughter, aunt, sister and mother of 3!

She is the most level headed, introspective and rational person I know. But, because she's human, it's impossible for her to be rational at all times and to prove it, last year she decided to add a puppy to the mix of her already crazy-busy life! A puppy! I wrote about it here

It seems her puppy, Ginger, has grown in to quite the couch potato. Almost every single picture I see of her is like this:

 On her spot.

or this:
She crawled in and got herself under the covers!

or this!
She crawled in to Rachel's bed and went to bury herself under the covers, but fell asleep like this, with her butt sticking out!

Love you, Rach! Thanks for sharing Ginger's butt! :)

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