Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our New Friend, Colt

We were in San Ramon today (and tomorrow) for a soccer tournament. Lucas spotted a dog and wanted to pet it. He left me to go do that, but then came back with said dog! It's name is Colt and when Lucas went to ask if he could pet the dog, the owner said, "Sure. Here take him. You can walk him around". I looked up and this (picture) is what I son, totally happy because he got himself a new friend. 

Lucas wanted to pick up Colt, but didn't know how because he has no experience. You see, one of our dogs is too big to pick up and the other is a total sketcher and picking him usually involves him peeing all over you, so that doesn't happen...ever. Once Lucas picked up Colt (all three pounds of him), he once again, lit up with happiness.  

Then, I got my turn! Once I had him, I just ate him up. He is so small and sweet. After about two seconds, Lucas asked to have Colt back.

But, I turned my head to watch the game and pretended I didn't hear him. :)

Of course, in the end, I relented and turned that sweet ball of love over to my very, very happy son.

Happy Saturday!

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