Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunset Time!

Bye Bye Heat!
June 30, 2013, 6:30 pm. All packed in and ready to go. Rolled down the windows, hair blowing all over and Dingo was already stretching to smell the smells.  Yes, Buddy is there too, but he's too short to see. The only person missing is my beloved Domo, who after three months of a grueling soccer schedule, was at a much deserved sleepover with his friends. 

Dingo was a happy, excited boy! (Lucas decided to hide for this shot.)  Great, smooth ride over the hill and I made sure to give shout-outs along the way. :)

 Finally, reached our destination! It was BEAUTIFUL, with just a hint of haze. 

The dogs were restless and just wanted to GO!
(Although, I love this picture, it makes me sad because it seems like Dominic should be right there, up top, to the left. Doesn't it?)

So, I took them for a little walk to, hopefully, wear them out a bit.
 But, in true Buddy style, even after I walked them, he would not settle or stop whining. So we let him off leash. 

 Then, he was happy and relaxed that he could run free. 

 Of course, I'm not comfortable letting Dingo run free (and Domo usually forbids it! He's scared he won't come back.) he had to stay attached to one of us at all times. So, as you can see in this picture, his feelings got hurt and he decided to pout...the whole time. 

 Lucas tried to get him to play "high five". Nope. He wasn't having it. 

 He just wanted to sulk. 

She was a beautiful one.

Like always, I wished the sunset could have lasted a little bit longer because I didn't want to go home yet.
 I guess the birds also leave at sunset.

But, Lucas was HUNGRY, so we left the sweet spot and headed home. Before getting on to HWY 17,  we stopped at a local joint (Pono Hawaiian Grill) for Hawaiian BBQ. It's not my kind of food, but Lucas  LOVES it, so that's all that matters. 

Thank goodness we stopped for him to eat because...

Last night was a night that they decided to make HWY 17 a two-lane road. One lane Southbound and one lane Northbound. I won't tell you how long it took us to get home!

and so, for one night, I did...

"Now, don't hang on. Nothin' lasts forever, but the earth and sky. It slips away and all of your money won't another minute buy"...Dust in the Wind- Kansas

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