Friday, August 30, 2013

My Thoughts Are With My Friend

 This beautiful face belongs to Makana, the 4 month old "BABY" of my long time friend, Katherine and her husband, Greg. 

Katherine, Greg and Makana live the most beautiful and peaceful life on Maui. 

Yesterday, while walking Makana at 6am, they were attacked by a random, loose pit bull. Greg's quick thinking saved Makana's life. He scooped her up, as the pit bull attacked. Makana's front leg was mangled, but then the pit bull latched on to Greg's arm and wouldn't let go. 

My friend Katherine, was screaming for help, while calling 911. A neighbor came out and hit the pit bull on the head, making it release Greg's arm. Then, they tied a rope around it's neck. 

Police and medical personnel responded and both, Greg and Makana were taken to the Emergency Room. Makana had to be taken for emergency surgery for her mangled front leg. 

They thought Greg's arm was broken, but because of the immense swelling, they are waiting to get a better look. He has many deep puncture wounds, as does Makana. 

Life doesn't make sense sometimes and when I walk my dogs I'm always worried about this exact same scenario, because we have been approached by loose dogs, many times. 

It's a blessing that there was no child around and although Makana is Katherine and Greg's baby, this whole situation could have been a lot worse. 

My thoughts are with my friend, her husband and little Makana. 


Anonymous said...

There are pepper sprays for dog walkers, like hikers use to fend off bears. I think I will finally order one.

Kimberly Sorich said...

I just told her sister the same thing. Get some bear spray and have it ready.

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