Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Couch Dogs

 I'd like to be able to share the names of these two sweet babies. Unfortunately, I forgot. Who me? Forget a dog's name? Well, yes. I'm not myself these days and forgetting is just what I'm doing best this week. I didn't get to pet them, as they were behind the screen of the sliding glass doors. You see, I'm on a hunt for a new couch and my journey took me to their house, as I went to see the couch of their mommy and daddy that I found on Craigslist.

As I walked in to the front door, the were right in my view and I was so excited to see those sweet faces that I almost forgot why I was there. 
They were amazingly well behaved and never barked, cried or scratched at the screen. Yeah, that's right. They are the complete opposite of my dogs, who would have lost their minds with craziness. As much as I was talking sweet talk to these couch dogs, they only had eyes for their daddy, who was trying to sell me his couch. They always looked past me to see what he was doing. They are both cattle dog mixes and are 12 year old litter mates. Look at that face!

Am I buying the couch? Yes, we came to a deal and I'll get to see these two again this weekend, when I pick up my couch. Maybe then I'll get reminded of their names. 

A couch off of Craigslist, you ask? Heck yeah! There are all sorts of deals to be found and it's better than paying full price retail for something that my kids will lay all over with their dirty soccer bodies and stinky soccer feet. Of course, my nickname for Craigslist is Hackslist because it's full of hacks and buying or selling on there is just ripe with all sorts of things that go wrong. This time something went right for me!

Today is the close day on my new home. Did we close? Heck no! Why would something in a real estate transaction go as planned, especially for someone as anal and obsessively detailed as me? No, no, no. That would be too easy. It just lingers on, with every day bringing a new request, a new form to be signed and a new addendum to be added to the original contract. PG&E is already in my name. Garbage and Water is already in my name. Professional cleaners already cleaned it. The only thing missing is my name on record at the County Recorder's office. So frustrating that I can't even tell you, even for an experienced home buyer (and licensed real estate agent) like me.

Can you imagine the days when it was all done via a promise and handshake? I'd take that right about now. Instead, I keep waiting, signing and sighing. 

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