Monday, December 9, 2013

The Water Monster

I've written many times about how much I hate the dogs in the kitchen, especially when I'm cooking. I just don't want their hair to get all over everything and I can't stand their constant scrounging for crumbs. 
Well, I, now have a new, unexpected ally in my quest to keep them out and I have, formally, named this ally, The Water Monster. The seemingly harmless water dispenser is the first thing EVER, in 10.5 years, that has spooked Dingo. 

That's right. My super tough, junk yard dog is so petrified by the dispenser, that it keeps him out of the kitchen. He's found a spot, just close enough to the kitchen to watch what's going on, but just out of sight of The Water Monster (because if he can't see it, it can't see him) and if I try to coax him to come closer, he goes in to full combat crawl to avoid it. 

It's so refreshing to not have to say "out of the kitchen" about 100 times a day, but, I do admit it's weird for me to see him scared of something. Of course, me, being me, starts worrying that it's because he's getting old. I guess that's a post for a different day. I won't digress.

Peace Out. 

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