Monday, April 14, 2014

Today's Excuse To Be Outside

This is my Rag-a-Muffin, Buddy, aka Bud Bud. Today, he was my excuse to be outside in the backyard. Look at him. He's a mess. We just got back from a weekend at a beach house (working on that post) and that didn't help his messy, ratty hair-do. 

So, when I got home this evening, after I washed the dishes and cooked something for dinner (beef tacos), I went right outside. I'm out there every single night that I'm home. Even if it's only for 5 minutes, I go out and sit, relax and unplug. No technology at all. It's just me, the dogs and the sounds of the birds, the neighborhood dogs and, if I'm lucky, the oh so wonderful sound of the train. I LOVE the sound of the train. I've always wanted to live by a train track and I'm lucky to live close enough to one that I get the distant, beautiful sound of the train's horn, but far enough away to feel safe from derailment. :)

I laid out a beach towel on the grass. Buddy knew something was up and rolled over in submission. As a sign of good faith, I lay down beside him and talked sweetly before I got the scissors out. Then, I proceeded to give him a bit of a haircut. He was really still and a very good boy. I think he likes the attention and I'm very careful and it probably just feels like he's getting pets.
 And when I was done, he continued to lay there, in his typical stiff-as-a-board, terrier way. 

But, then I said, "Ok, Up. Up!" and he got up and ran around. I told him to sit and pose for a picture, which he (uncharacteristically) did. Look at the blur of his wagging tail. See! He was happy. He loves his mama.

One of my nurse managers at work sends out a quote every day and the one above is the one she sent out today. I wanted to share it here because the quote resonated with me and the things currently on my mind. I actually printed it out and put it up on my desk so I can look at it every day. I was not a fan of Steve Jobs, but he has some really profound (to me anyway) things to say and this is one of my favorites. Even though, in reality, with all of the restrictions and commitments and responsibilities that we all have, these words are easier said than done, it was a good quote today for me and to have a beach scene with a lighthouse (my mom's favorite thing in the world) was extra special for my Monday.

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