Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

I wish my dad the happiest of days, today. Knowing him, he's spending his day waiting on everyone around him. Daniel Randolph Jenkins is the best dad and role model a girl could ever ask for. I miss him every single day and wish he lived right down the street!

Also, wishing my husband, Martin, a Happy Father's Day. He is a loving and devoted dad and my boys live for him. He's spending the morning in Santa Cruz with Dominic who is doing a Beach Soccer tournament, just for fun! I have to stay behind, as Lucas is still recovering from surgery. 

Look at the Pelican joining in on the team photo!

I also want to wish my father-in-law, Peter a wonderful day. Unfortunately, I could not find a single picture of him to post here, so I'll just have to take some of him with the boys today! He calls my dogs, "Bingo" and "Happy", instead of Dingo and Buddy and it cracks me up, every single time. I'm not sure if he's kidding or he actually thinks that's their names, but they LOVE him, even though dogs really aren't his thing. Well, at least he pretends they aren't. I have a suspicion he likes the attention. :)

Also wishing my daddy, Paul Joseph Pollick,  a Happy Father's Day in heaven. I miss him and his crazy sayings and silly laugh and I know my sister is especially missing him today. Hope he's found a television somewhere up there and just sitting around and watching Star Trek reruns. Love you.

To all dads out there, I'm wishing you the best day ever. I hope it's full of the things you love to do and that you are surrounded by those that love you most. Most of all, I hope you're somewhere being happy. 

This one's for you, Papa. :)

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