Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Walk for Old Times Sake

It has been forever since I visited "my trail". It was so refreshing and peaceful and melancholy at the same time. I had set out to do 6 miles, but was stopped by a "Mountain Lion" sighting sign posted at the 4 mile mark. In the almost 10 years of enjoying the trail, I have never seen any postings about mountain lions and, if it was posted, well, it must be true. So, because I was alone, four miles had to do. Yes, I am a big scarety cat (pun intended), especially when it comes to mountain lion anything. :)
 The trail wasn't as pretty as previous years. I'm not sure if the dryness is entirely due to the drought or if there is some other reason why some areas were like ghosts of days gone by, with no reflective water and the life it used to hold. 

Unfortunately, the creek people were also there. Why is there no warning sign about that? I, consciously circled around the carnies, disguised as fisherman enjoying their spoils. You see, I almost always walk alone because I enjoy it best that way. But, sometimes that need for solitude is interrupted by the threat of two-legged predators, never mind the four-legged ones.

Of course, I wasn't completely alone. When I walk this scene, I am always accompanied by memories, hopes, dreams, thoughts and despair. They follow me like shadows of souls I used to know, subtly reminding me of where I was, where I need to go and how much work I still have to do in order to become the person I am meant to be.

And, this is the sad scene that greeted me when I got home. Somehow they knew that I went for a walk without them and, based on these faces, I think they also knew it was at the trail. They LOVE the trail. But, unfortunately, those long excursions are getting too hard on their salt and pepper bodies. Poor, poor pitiful babies. I'm sorry.

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