Friday, June 27, 2014

Road Trip!

I'm currently on my 1st ever road trip all alone with just my boys! I'm in heaven. I love road trips and Dominic has a tournament in Huntington Beach this weekend, so it was the perfect excuse for a "just the three of us" weekend! 

My husband stayed home with the dogs and I get my boys all to myself for 3 whole days. I could not be happier or more relaxed. 

We stopped in SLO and Santa Barbara along the way. Of course LA and it's traffic are the arm pit of California so it took us 8.5 hours to reach our hotel, but we talked and laughed and listened to music the whole way! There were so many beautiful places along the way. I marked the maps so I could remember where those places are. 

Our hotel is not great, but we had to go with the tournament's list. It's just that it's in a industrial area with nothing around. I did manage to find a beautiful sunset, as always. 

So I bid farewell! I apologize for any formatting issues on this post. I'm blogging, for the 1st time, on my phone and can't see the final result. 

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