Sunday, June 8, 2014

Scenes From My Week

Here are 8 pictures that represent my week. Each picture has a title. I'll put the picture titles in random order. See if you can figure out which title goes with which scene. Fun times. 

1. My favorite flower is blooming in my own yard. 
2. Trying to help Lucas study, but kept getting interrupted. 
3. Came upon a fire while on a walk.
4. Lazy Sunday. 
5. My boys swimming together on while I relax by the side of the pool. 
6.  Dingo falling asleep while waiting for me to finish reading my book. 
7. Lucas going off a diving board for the very first time. 
8. Watching a fabulous show called "Epic Log Homes". 

In the last week I've also done some not so picture-worthy activities. I joined a gym by my house (gyms aren't my thing, so we'll see.), finished a nightmare bathroom update (Yay!), watched my son finish his second year of high school, introduced my younger son to Houzz (he's hooked), skipped out on a beach bonfire last night (I'm such a homebody) and reluctantly watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and absolutely love, love, loved it. (so surprised)

Happy Sunday to all. I have done nothing today. I was so incredibly lazy that I don't even like myself right now. But, sometimes you need a day like that and today was my day. "It's ok". (I kept telling myself). I was just on Lake Time.
(just for one day...)

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