Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Truck Puppy!

What a treat to drive up and have this sweet creature to look at while waiting to get my Diet Coke in the drive thru line. I worked so hard to talk to him, but I never received his full attention. He was so focused on something else, off in the distance. Even though I'm from Kentucky, I'm not a fan of dogs being loose in the back of pick up trucks, but this one was so "in my face" I had to smile and take a photo. Yes, I was driving my car, but we were stopped (a little too long, if you ask me) in the drive thru line, so it was safe to snap a pic. Believe me when I say, there is nothing that annoys me more than people that are on their phone while driving. It's just about the most frustrating thing in the world. Are there not, at least, 100 "hands-free" products on the market? And...holding the phone like it's a walkie-talkie doesn't make it ok! 

I'm up late because tonight I don't plan on sleeping much. My sweet Lucas is having surgery in the morning on his arm. We've known this day was coming, but I still feeling uneasy, as I just wish he  never broke his arm in the first place. Since we've been through this with his first surgery in November, I know what to expect, but I'm still worried, as I feel bad he has another 3 month recovery and he's feeling bummed.

Today (as well as all last weekend), was all about trying to give him some fun. I got off work early and picked him up from school.  I took him to Cheesecake Factory, where he had his favorites, including this "Last Day of 6th Grade" celebratory cheesecake. 

When we got home we tried to take some new pictures with the dogs. As usual, that went over like a lead balloon. Why do I keep trying?

Finally, we posed for some "selfiies" and this is the only one Lucas approved of. All the rest, he though he looked "weird". I'm so happy I could get him to smile a real smile.

He went on to go swimming with his dad, while I had to drive to the ends of the earth (Santa Clara) to pick up Dominic from Great America. It was a good chance to drive by our first house, though. The house still looks the same. The street still looks the same and that is not necessarily a good thing. Still, it was a sweet drive down memory lane and a nice way to end a LONG day. 

So, I say "Goodnight". 4:30 wake up call for me tomorrow.

Fun Times.

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