Friday, July 18, 2014

Life Changing

First of all my current laundry room is the size of a postage stamp and to have more space would be divine. BUT, the real life changer in this picture is this dog washing station. Washing my dogs is such a huge ordeal and to have this convenience would be worth the money required for install. Not to mention, it is a good looking space.

I guess this picture is more about Dingo and it being life changing for him. Although, I don't really like the colors or types of materials in the room in this picture, I love the area for a dog bed under the counter and next to the work space. My husband works from home and, if we had this set up, Dingo would be so happy and would be right there next to his daddy all day long.

We have crates just like this, although bigger. The problem with crates is that they are ugly and cumbersome and it's easier to just put the dogs in another room when you need them out of the way for a bit. But, having something like this would be so wonderful because it's neat and clean and functional, as well as allowing the dogs to still be in the same room. 

 Ok, so yes, this area is hospital bland, but there is nothing in the world that could change my life more than my garage actually being this neat and clean and organized. So, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I've have always dreamed of a garage that is like another room in the house and to this day, I've yet to see it. It's such a battle to get it this way and, in my house, I'm outnumbered and the garage is always like a storage unit. Boo! I do like the space for the crates in here, as if my garage looked like this, I wouldn't feel so guilty putting the dogs in there, especially during the times it would bring me peace, like when my mother in law is over. She isn't their biggest fan. Boo again!

This one represents a life changing room for Buddy. I don't like the dogs in the kitchen, but if this was my space, I would make an exception, so that my Bud Bud could sit right there in that window and be a happy boy. Of course, he is petrified of the hardwood floors, so I'd probably have to pick him up and put him in the window seat. :)

Nothing really life changing here. I just love that dog!

 and now I will share these life changing words...

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