Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm Pleased to Introduce Katie!

It's so hard for me to decide on dogs to feature on the blog. There are so many that need homes and I could do one post a minute and still not get to them all. I have such a soft spot for Oldtimers, so that is where I tend to focus. Besides, most puppies don't have trouble finding new homes. The older dogs need a little extra PR.

Picture © and courtesy of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. All rights reserved. 

Today, in honor of my mom, I've chosen this beautiful redhead, Katie. My mom was a beautiful redhead and her name was Cynthia Kay. She mostly went by Cynthia or Cindy, but she was also known as Kate. Her email address was based on Kate and it was a special name used by special friends and family. 

Picture © and courtesy of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. All rights reserved. 
"Katie is a 35 pound, 14-years-young Border Collie/Chow mix. She is in excellent shape for her age. Her back legs are a little weak so she needs a little help jumping in and out of a car. Like many older dogs, she is hard of hearing.

Katie never tires of going on walks, and will pick up her own leash to remind you that it's time for another. She is eager to meet people, though a bit cautious at first. She gets along fine with other dogs but hasn't yet shown interest in playing with them. She has not been around cats, but would probably do just fine with kitties. She likes squeaky toys and soft toys and the occasional laundry basket sock.
Katie rides well in a car, and enjoys sniffing out the window. She is house trained and is fine being left alone at her foster home, where she is free to wander about. Her foster mom says "She is a very sweet and gentle dog. She is shy, but seeing her open up over time is very special".

Katie came to us after her guardian passed away."
 Picture © and courtesy of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. All rights reserved. 

Please visit the Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Website to learn how to meet Katie, as well as see many other Oldtimers that need new forever homes.

All text and pictures are courtesy of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. © Copyright protected. All rights reserved. 

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