Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sweet End To A Sad Morning

I went to a funeral today. We said goodbye to a beautiful, creative, vivacious, gracious, kind. loving, giving mom, wife, daughter and beloved friend. Her name is Jennifer, she was only 50 years old and her spirit was like a light that lit up every room she entered. She was the best friend of my dear friend, Darcy and, more than anything, I went to support her, as she is devastated.

Jennifer was the poster girl for animal rescues. She rescued and loved so many animals, especially dogs, over the years. She even rescued dogs abandoned by Hurricane Katrina. The theme of today's service was Jennifer's love of her dogs and her rescues. In fact, she died at home with her dogs on the bed, right by her side.

So, you can imagine my thoughts when, as I drove away from the Los Gatos cemetery, and not more than two blocks down the street, I see this beautiful creature below, all alone, on busy Los Gatos-Almaden road.
 As I drove by the dog, she had that happy "someone left the gate open!" trot. I thought, "Oh, no. There's a stray. Should I stop? Ugh. I have to get to work." I kept driving down the street, but then I thought to myself, "Jennifer sent this dog my way because she knows I will stop and help it". (I truly, in my heart, believe this.) Seriously. I literally just pulled out of the cemetery and there was this loose dog on busy Los Gatos-Almaden road.

So, of course, I made a u-turn and went back for the dog. She wasn't very far from where I first saw her. At first, I just called to her and got her off the busy street. I tried to get her right in to my car, but she was too nervous. I got down on my knees and talked sweet talk to her and she came to me. I petted her for a bit and that allowed me to see she had tags with phone numbers and her name, Ginger. (Can not express how important that is people!) Once I said her name a few times, she perked up and warmed to me right away.

I, then, opened my car door and she jumped right in. I took a few pictures and then called the number on her tags. No one answered on either line, so I left voice mails with my cell number.Then, I began wondering what I was going to do with this dog, if no one called me back. I had a huge meeting at work and had to go in and keeping her in my car during that time was not possible. 

But, luckily, within 10 minutes, her mama called me back, texted me her address and I took Ginger home. 

It was an incredibly sweet ending to a very sad morning. 


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