Sunday, July 6, 2014

Where Did You Go, Mama?

"Where did you go, Mama?"

"Are you coming back for me? You had your "walk" clothes on. Tennis shoes, a hat and you even smelled like a walk...Mama?"

"Sorry, Dingo. Mama went on a bike ride and you can't go on those. But, here are some postcards of my solo trek out in Morgan Hill. As a consolation, I promise to take you on a nice walk today to make up for you being left behind yesterday." 

 Everywhere you look is beautiful and peaceful and country-like.  It's the perfect place for a bike ride to clear your mind and feed your soul.

 Vineyards only enhance the landscape.

 Plenty of good ole' fashioned open spaces where you can see for miles and take big, deep, cleansing breaths. You could get lost here and enjoy every single minute.

Happy, peaceful and exhausted me. 

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