Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy October 28th!

Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to Me! What do I want for my birthday? Well, the truth is this.  I'm the simplest girl in the world. I don't want flowers (unless it something I can plant in the yard) or cake. I don't want a party. I don't want a gift. I don't want cards, balloons, clothes or jewelry. Every single October 28, I only want two things. 1. A clean house. 2. To be in Tahoe. This year I didn't get either, so boo! Of course, there are some good reasons why, like a an under-the-weather 16 year old, but still. Boo!

Not to fret. I'm working on #2 as we speak. In fact to get in the spirit, I've check my beloved daily Tahoe Web Cams (Sunnyside, El Dorado Beach) and spent time searching Tahoe City Real Estate because, yes, a Tahoe real estate purchase will be in my future. Here's one of my favorites from today: Cedar Crest

So what is my substitute birthday? Low-key laziness, a light walk with my oldtimer dogs, a facial (ooh. something girlie!), tomato soup in a bread bowl for lunch, my favorite pizza for dinner and watching the World Series (Go Giants!) with my family. I wanted to go to the movies and to the beach for a sunset, but it's not to be this time because I can't fit everything in! But I believe in birthday weeks and this is, officially, my birthday week, so I have a few more days for the rest of it. :)

Wishing everyone a great day! It's BEAUTIFUL outside where I live.
I spent a little time outside in the back yard with my Buddy

 and my Dingo. Love my dogs!

hbh. I miss you and think of you every day.  i.l.y.always. 
Hope you're somewhere today, with the one you love and that your soul is happy.

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