Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Niece is Back!

This is my niece, aka Maggie Girl. I haven't seen her in 2 years. My sister went through a divorce and wasn't in a position to take Maggie. It was heart wrenching and sad and a million other emotions. BUT, my sister is now in a position to have her baby girl and she got her back this past Friday. She was much bigger and a lot dirtier from being a mostly outside/garage dog these past two years, but was still a beautiful sight, all the same. 

I waited with my sister on Friday for Maggie to be dropped off and that time was full of anxiety and worry and stress. My sister could not sit still for one second. 

Long story short...Maggie is back with her Mama now. It will be a condo life for her now, but my sister is working hard to help her adjust. There are no words for my happiness and relief for my sister and especially for Maggie. She has a home with attention and family and love.


She's already found her favorite spot. It's right by the window where she can look out and down at all the goings on in the courtyard below.

Now, I just hope that all my sister's wishes come true...

Welcome home, sweet Maggie girl. We've missed you. 

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