Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vintage Dogs

A WWI medic and his dog. Isn't this a beautiful photograph? Look at that dog. You can see the intelligence in his eyes. 

 I love old things, aka vintage...artwork, furniture, nick-knacks and photographs. I decided to do a search on Pinterest for "Vintage Dog" and these are a few pictures I decided to share. I, especially, like the candid pics and the ones that seem to be a snapshot in time. I love almost any image of a country girl and her dog...outside, barefoot, a little dirty, but, no matter what, a dog by her side.

 Banjo Buddies

 A girl and her nanny. 

 This country girl looks like a little Cynthia Powell, aka my mama, but she doesn't have a face full of freckles. 

 All of the dogs in these pics seem so ready to pose and most have a smiles on their faces! Good times...

Ok, so no dog in this one. But you gotta love the 70's shag carpet, stylin' drapes, crazy standing ash tray (hey, it was Kentucky) and the Pepsi ("pop") on the table. I can see my Lucas in this picture. The title of the jpeg is actually lukilookalike. :)

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