Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sandy Update!

She LOVES to dig up the bulbs in the yard. This is her, "what, mom? I'm not supposed to bring these to you?" look. She hates to go for walks, which has been really hard for me. The first week was fine, but then all of a sudden, she's like, "nope. hate this. thanks for asking." Ugh. It is the one truly frustrating fact of life with her. I'm not sure what it's all about, but to be my dog, she has to love to go on walks. Can't wait to take her the beach for the first time. I'm hoping to go tonight. Maybe that will change her mind about the beauty of the walk, because the trail did nothing to sway her mind. 

We've decided that we will celebrate her birthday on my birthday, October 28. Because she and her litter mates were found on the streets, scrounging for food, we have no way of knowing her actual birth date. But, based on what we've been told about her age, she had to be born in late October. That fact didn't suprise me at all. She's a total Scorpio...soulful eyes, stubborn temperament, somewhat aloof, pensive (see her thinking in the picture above? It's a curse for Scorpios.) and sweet, sweet, sweet.  So far, her true Scorpio quality is her fierce loyalty to her family. I think she would take out a person trying to walk in to our house uninvited, no matter her size. We tell her she's "tough".  :)

Oh, yes and regarding her relationship with Buddy.  It's still a work in progress, but, as you can see, there is some improvement. I admit that when this little scene played out, I was a nervous wreck. I was sitting her on the couch we have outside and Buddy jumped up. I almost had a heart attack.

 But, in some circumstances, like sharing the outside couch, they have a tentative truce. Buddy still refuses to play with her, but as long as she's not nipping, barking or getting in his face, he settles down. But, she enjoys pushing his buttons. She knows he's gonna freak out, but she pushes anyway. They are in definite competition to be alpha, but I think Buddy is winning so far. She is puppy and came in to his pack and Buddy, being the lower man on the totem pole with Dingo, is standing his ground to be the boss. She definitely growls at him (with full hair standing up on her back) and doesn't want him to come near her food or her chew toys. At that point, we have to separate them, as Buddy will never, ever back down from a fight and I'd like to avoid that scenario, thank you very much.

This is one of my favorite times. Every day I go out in the backyard and sit on the couch with both dogs and just enjoy them and the sounds of life going on around me. The outside couch is the only piece of furniture the dogs are allowed on and it's a treat for me too because I get to have them close. Sandy is definitely my little princess and even with the work she brings to my daily life, she is filling a void in my heart that I didn't know I had. Our new relationship is a simple, uncomplicated, unconditional and innocent love and it's just what I needed right now in my life. Thanks, girl.

Meanwhile, I have to admit that I need a VACATION! I'm so burnt out right now on life and it's time for me to "Peace Out", people. 

Where am I going? I have no idea, but it has to be somewhere. I was supposed to go to Dallas the last week of this month for my oldest son's national soccer tournament, but in the end, he wanted his dad to go. No hurt feelings. I get it. It's a guy thing. So, they are going and it will just be my younger son and me (plus the dogs) at home for a week. But, Spring Break is coming up and I'm going to take that week off from all things work related to go do something. We all know Tahoe is first on my list, but my kids don't really want to go, for some reason. My version of heaven would be to go by myself, just one time. I would be in solitude happiness because, as much as I love them, taking my kids on any vacation still means work for me. Most people don't understand my fantasy of going away by myself. They think it's weird. All I can say is, if wanting to go on a solo trip, makes me a weirdo, anti-social, recluse or any other derogatory terms, sign me up. I don't care. It's who I am.

Of course, I must admit, during nights in Tahoe, I get a little scared. If have to take the dogs out, I try to focus on the most beautiful nighttime sky (nothing quite like it), but can't help but look over my shoulder for the many coyotes and Lord forbid, a bear! To be by myself means I wouldn't sleep, but I could take a wonderful nap each day. Ok, ok. I'm digressing. I'll share my fantasy for a solitary vacation another time. 

Happy Sunday!

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