Thursday, April 9, 2015

Beach Time!

 Lucas and I took Sandy to the beach today. It was her first time. 

 I think she really liked it, even though, most of the time, she kept her back to the water and her face towards to the car.  I did get a walk out of her, finally. But, I forgot she was a puppy and would try to eat everything! There are so many disgusting things at the beach that the walk was not that enjoyable for me because I was constantly watching her and telling her "no. not yours. Leave it"...blah blah blah.   I finally just sat down in my chair to relax.

 She proceeded to dig a hole right next to me. She loves to dig and once she discovered the ease of digging in sand, she was all about it. I think she could have dug a tunnel all the way to Santa Cruz (we were in Aptos) if I let her.

Sandy's sand stamp. April 9, 2015. :)

By the way, I'm tired. Taking her to the beach wore me out. 

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