Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Helping A Friend

I've never done a post like this before on the blog, but a friend of mine, Vicky, wrote to me and asked if I could post a story about a friend of hers that is dire straits. The friend, Brian, is also a beloved dog trainer, so it is fitting to share here. Thanks for reading and if you choose to donate...a big thanks from me.

From Vicky:

A friend of mine and I have started a fundraising campaign to help ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING COMPASSSIONATE DOG TRAINERS AND LOVERS OF DOGS who has had to endure devastating blows in his life recently. He has undergone bypass surgery last Dec., lost his roommate due to cancer along with the home that she owned (with acreage for his dog training/boarding/grooming business). His car was rear-ended in a recent accident, which totaled his truck. He has had to put some of his older dogs “down” due to these circumstances and is staying temporarily with some friends.

The health challenges, especially coming on top of loss of the property where his boarding and grooming business was situated, are circumstances that have made it now difficult for Brian to work at full capacity leaving his financial security in jeopardy.

For those of us who know Brian as a friend or have had the pleasure of working with him as dog trainer, know Brian is just simply one of the most generous and kindest-hearted GOOD PEOPLE you will ever hope to meet! If any ONE of his family or friends were in need of anything...he would do whatever it took to help us...because that's who he is.

Although Brian’s life has turned upside down, he remains positive. As friends of Brian’s we are trying to do whatever we can to help him get back on his feet and make life a little easier to help him find a home and rebuild his business.

I was hoping that you might consider posting a shout out on your Blog Full of Dogs site in the hopes that any dog lovers might be moved to donate even $5.00 to help Brian "jumpstart" his situation and rebuild his life. To make a donation, people can visit

Also, if you or anyone you know, has property in the country where Brian could rent a room and/or provide caretaking services in exchange for him being able to live with a few of his dogs, please do let me know.

Thank you so much for considering this information. I hope life is treating you well.

Very best, Vicky

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