Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sandy and Miko

This is Miko. I decided that he is Sandy's brother. When I first saw him on the Love and Second Chances Facebook page, I thought for sure the was one of Sandy's litter mates. I have longed to find her siblings to have a connection to her from before we knew her. Miko is also from Taiwan and his puppy pictures looked so much like Sandy that I couldn't believe they weren't her. He is also a Formosan Mountain Dog/ German Shepherd mix. I reached out to his owner, Katie and we began corresponding and decided to get together so they could play. Upon meeting this handsome stranger, I could immediately he is bigger than Sandy and, although, very similar in looks and temperament, we have no proof they are litter mates. In fact, they think Miko was born in December and we have Sandy as being born in October. Nevertheless, we have decided they are siblings and that's that. Miko is very, very friendly as was so excited to meet Sandy. She wasn't so receptive, at first. She was much more reserved and even snapped at him, a bit. But, Miko is so good natured that he didn't mind or quit until she joined him to play. 

Once, she was off leash, she warmed up and began to play...on her terms, of course. 

Here is Miko in quiet moment. Isn't he amazing? I can really see the Shepherd in him. 

He's so ready to have a good time and loves to play. 

He couldn't seem to figure out Sandy or why she was so stand-offish. 

But, she eventually began to play his way. 

Of course, most of the time, it was him chasing her. 

Miko is so friendly. During a break in play, he came up to Lucas and gave him kisses. 

While Sandy just looks for shade. It was a bit warm and she doesn't do well with heat. 

At one point they laid down together and had a little bonding moment. 

And Miko even showered Sandy with some kisses. 

But, then Lucas had the idea of running just to see what they would do!

Sandy ran crazily after Lucas and Miko ran crazily after Sandy!

I was so happy for her. This is the first time I've taken her somewhere and taken her off leash to run. 

Even though Miko is bigger and has longer legs, you can see their similarities this picture:
ears, gait, hind legs, stance. 

Of course, she would always retreat!

And Miko was always right on her tail. Isn't if funny how ugly my princess is here? Look how her snarl is in full force, but he's not even touching her yet! Not very lady-like, at all. 

She's ready to show him who's boss and this boss was done. 

And that was about it for her. She laid down and wouldn't move. It took forever to get her back to the car. We made sure to give her lots of water and now I know she will have a great afternoon nap.

I'm so thankful to Katie Lin and her mom for meeting us today and I hope Miko becomes Sandy's life long friend and not just her "brother".

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