Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sandy!


We celebrated Sandy's 1st birthday today, October 31, 2015. Of course, we have no idea what day she was actually born. We know it was sometime around this time last year. Originally, we were going to celebrate her birthday on my birthday, October 28. But since, she was born with a beautiful white ghost on her chest and a dark, mysterious mask on her face, my son, Dominic, said we should celebrate her special day on Halloween. Perfect!

 This is her birthday present. A Cheeseburger!

Being a true Scorpio, she was very suspicious of what was on the plate when we presented it to her. 

But, once Lucas put the plate down on the ground, her suspicions made a hasty retreat. 

Because she is my wild child and somewhat feral in disposition, we thought she would grab the burger and run. But, she didn't. She was very composed. Of course, no one tried to take it from her, so...

She did discard the top bun, to make her way to the good stuff. 

They were so enthralled with the birthday festivities. 

All Done!

This is when she realized there was no more cheeseburger. 

Then she came inside and sat down...for a very long time. 

Happy Birthday, Sandy Girl. We love you!

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