Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy October 28!

Today is my birthday. It's the first one I've had in over 11 years without my Dingo. I still miss him every day. The picture above is how I will always remember him. He loved being outside and he was always watching over us.

 Miss you, boy. 

Yes, I do have a new light in my life and this is my first birthday with her in my life and I'm very happy about that.

Today, she got to go with me to pick up Lucas from school. Isn't she pretty?
Although she looks like a angel in this picture, I do have to share that she is a wild child. Whew! She bites. She chews. She destroys. She barks. She growls. She rules the roost. She needs so much training and conditioning and socializing and I WILL get to it. I promise. But, right now I'm just enjoying her raw and crazy phase.

Happy October 28! 

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