Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pre-Easter Beach Fun!

 I was in the middle of a perfectly beautiful Saturday, just being at home and enjoying the weather, a clean house and, I must admit, a catnap on the couch. In the morning, I took this picture of my kitchen window as I thought it looked so amazing in the sunlight. Isn't it pretty? Makes my soul happy. 

Then,  I saw this picture posted to Facebook by my sister. Her update was, "It's the perfect beach day. Blah Blah Blah".She has a very kind boyfriend, who treats her like a queen and they are always doing something fabulous and this picture shows exactly what I was missing out on.  No, not the drinks or the being courted part. But the beach part!

 So, I loaded them up. All of them!

I texted the lovebirds and told them to stop being embarrassingly happy and leave Margaritaville and meet us at the beach for sunset! So, they did.

Buddy was so happy to see Titi. 

So were the boys and I. 

We walked the dogs. With Sandy we take turns because she is such a handful. Buddy, of course, gets to run off-leash and I have to say that I've never seen him more happy, more alive or more spunky. He was like a brand new dog. It was so rewarding to see him relaxed and running like a puppy!

We decided to take pictures and this is what you get with a 14 year old photographer, while you are trying to corral two crazy dogs for posing. 

We did get a good one with our sweet baby girl. 

Only to feel guilty upon seeing Buddy was running to us from behind as to not be left out! This is when the above-mentioned corralling took place. We tried to get both dogs together for a pose, but, you see how that turned out.

We did manage to get both dogs to settle for this picture. Of course, Buddy is just staring at me, like always. This impromptu get together was a great way to spend an evening. Family is everything.

And, of course, we were not disappointed with the grand finale and the real reason we made the trip.

Sandy was so exhausted she wedged her head behind Lucas' back so she could fall asleep. I need a bigger car.

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