Friday, May 13, 2016

Mama's Ragamuffin

My poor little Buddy is pitiful. This was him this morning. 

You see, every morning, I have bread with my coffee. Once I get to the couch (yep, that's where I eat it. Don't judge.) he and Sandy are my captive audience because they love bread and they know mama shares such bread in the mornings. Well, only the crust, but they don't know that. They think it's something special. :)

But, today, I didn't have bread. Why? Because this week I've been incredibly ill and haven't been to the store to buy my special wheat bread that I love more than anything. So, this morning, I only had a banana and then went to sit down with my coffee.

When I looked down, this picture is a snapshot of what I saw. Not only is Buddy pitiful because he's sitting there waiting for bread that isn't coming, he's also in such a sad state of hygiene. When I saw those soulful brown eyes, I said, "oh, my poor Buddy, you need a bath and a haircut." He didn't budge. He won't budge. He will just sitting there. Staring. That's what he does best.  In fact, the longer I talk to him, the longer he will stay, just staring at me, infinitely. Forever.

Even though I sometimes like that he's my little ragamuffin,  a bath and haircut are in his immediate future.

Happy Friday! 

As my oldest son would say..."let's get it." 

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